Positions Vacant

Want to Join Us?

Repair Cafe Perth is a well-established and well-supported initiative, bringing people together in a community event each month. Visitors bring broken items from home and repair them with the help of a volunteer repairer.

Our aims are to save items from landfill and bring back a repair culture to our throwaway society. 

If you love the idea of a repair cafe in our community, and want to support it by joining our team, please read on.

What Jobs are on Offer?

Currently we are seeking people to join our organising team and share tasks that need to be done outside of the monthly events. Many of these tasks can be done on a computer at home. Two examples are: rostering and social media. There are many other ways you could help sustain this wonderful community project, so if you think you’ve got the skills to contribute to our organising team in another way, we’d love to hear from you. As with everyone involved with the repair cafe, you'd be working in a volunteer capacity.

Why Join?

Our volunteers are drawn towards the repair cafe because it makes sense to create a repair culture. Also, it's a great team of fun people to be around! 

Every aspect of the organisation is running smoothly: we have plenty of skilful repairers, are financially supported, have a good number of visitors and procedures in place to ensure things go without a hitch each month.

We've won awards, and have plenty of runs on the board: over 800 visitors' items have been looked at so far and over 500 fully repaired. The media likes us too! We aim to strengthen our team by sharing the organisational load. Many hands make light work!

Want to know more?

Repair Cafe Perth is a good resource, loved by government, business and the community. If you would like to chat about joining our organising team, please contact us.