Call for fill-in volunteers

Regular volunteers attend the repair cafe each month, but organisers would like to create a list of people who can be contacted to help out if a regular repairer cannot make it - we all get sick or need to go on holiday sometimes! 🙂 There would be no obligation to say yes if contacted.

The areas of repair are:
- Bikes
- Electrical (low voltage; we only work on items that are battery operated items or have an AC adapter that drops the voltage below 50V)
- Textiles
- Small furniture, mechanical items and other non-electrical
- Glue, string, tape
- We also provide a Device Help table, for advice for laptops, smart phones and tablets.

There are non-repairing roles too, such as manning our Check-In or Check-Out tables, or chaperoning visitors to their table.

People interested in volunteering at the 2-hour event (3 hours including set up and pack up) are encouraged to fill in a volunteer form. Repairers bring their own tools for the session and a list of suggested tools is available if desired.

The repair cafe takes place at Academy Cafe in Mount Hawthorn on the third Saturday of each month from 10:30am to 12:30pm.