Common Bike Repairs

Here are the most common bike repairs at Repair Cafe Perth: 1. Tube change 2. Adjusting gear wires 3. Synchronising brake pads 4. Replacing worn parts 5. Chain lubing/wire oiling 6. General tune ups We don’t carry spare parts, but if visitors bring parts with them, we can tackle most jobs. If you’re not sure …

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The sweet sound of music

When Cary met Mary, her treasured music box was restored. Thanks to his patience and skill, it can make music once more! How’s that for Christmas inspiration? Bring in your broken family treasures and we’ll do our best to bring them back to life so you can light up the face of someone you love …

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Need help with Christmas lights?

Dust off those Christmas lights, and if they’re not working, our volunteer repairers could have them twinkling in no time. Please note we can work on electrical faults for anything that is battery operated or has an AC adapter (many fairy lights do), but not anything that plugs into a power point without an adapter.

Christmas is almost here

Can we help you prepare for Christmas? If you want to give someone the ultimate in thoughtful gifts, find something they love that has broken or isn’t quite right and bring it back to life. Maybe it just need a polish, a service or a repair. Watch it light up their face on Christmas Day! Our friendly …

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Repairing Devices

Worldwide, electronic waste is a huge problem: More than 20 million tonnes of e-waste are produced every year. When electronics end up in landfill, toxic substances like lead, mercury, and cadmium leach into the soil and water. We can slow down our consumption of electronics by repairing our devices rather than upgrading them. Our repair cafe has a station …

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International Repair Week

Our repair session this month fell on Saturday, October 20th, which put it not only in International Repair Cafe Week, but also of right on Repair Day! Repair Day is about celebrating the value of fixing. It is a day about making repair more visible, sharing skills and avoiding waste going into landfill. It is …

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Banksia Sustainability Award

Banksia are the longest running sustainability award program in the world and this year marks their 30th anniversary. We are so excited to be chosen as finalists for this year’s Community category. Winners are announced on November 29th.

Happy Campers

Happy Campers! These two travellers from Holland stumbled upon Repair Cafe Perth after finding one of our posters on the back of a toilet door! The curtain from their camper van had a wobbly bottom, with the help of our repairer they learnt how to hem it straight. Providing them with privacy and new skills!