We would like to thank our major sponsor, the City of Vincent.
We are also extremely grateful to Academy Cafe Mt Hawthorn for their hospitality and generosity.

We would like to also thank the individual sponsors, volunteers and contributors below, without whom this organisation would not be possible.

Our Sponsors

Below are individuals who helped Repair Cafe Perth get a vital leg up with sponsorship when we needed it most – to get off the ground when no-one had heard of us. We appreciate the generosity these people have shown.

J Campbell
Sara Culverhouse
Angela Dudney
Janine Freeman
Stef Hayward
Gillian K.
Anya Lam
Tonois Loesquire
Rosanne Logie
Lynda Mackillican
Ruth McCloskey
Conor Mines
Dawn Minken
Anthony Prior
Margaret Vinciguerra
Phil Wilkinson
Emily Wilson

Our Contributors

The following contributors have helped us on our way.

AAR Consulting
Joel B
Kaz R
Meagan P
Robert M
Sam G

Our Volunteers

The people below have all been part of the team at a repair cafe event. They are the superstars of this community initiative and we are so grateful for their hard work.

Adam W
Adele T
Alex Y
Anne M
Antoine G
Barry N
Bernie D
Bruce G
Carol H
Cary W
Caterina O
Claudia F
Constance T
Dave G
Dave H
Dave V
Deb M
Emiko M
Emma J
Heather W
James P
Jasmyn H
Jenny D
Jenny G
Jess J
Joe S
Kim G
Kimberley D
Kirsten S
Leonel B
Lynda M
Mardi B
Margo K
Mark S
Michelle T
Mike V
Mischa H
Paula B
Phil W
Phil P
Rhiarne B
Robyn F
Sarah R
Shane S
Simon F
Stef H
Steven W
Stuart M
Susannah K
Tom F