The Movement

The Repair Cafe movement started in 2007 in the Netherlands and has spread to over 1,500 locations worldwide. Ours is the first Repair Cafe in WA supported by the International Repair Cafe Foundation and it joins 17 other repair cafes in Australia. Last year alone, the international effort diverted over 250,000kg waste from landfill. Many of us in Western Australia want to contribute to this important movement and bring back a culture of repairing.

And so it goes...

Repair Cafe Perth is a not-for-profit that is entirely volunteer-run. It was started by two people, Angie and Elle, who are passionate about our environment, and has grown to include a committee, pool of dedicated volunteers at repair sessions and individuals who have contributed in various ways. Our 2 hour repair sessions are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month in North Perth. We’d love to see you at an upcoming session!  See our Facebook page for updates on exact opening hours.